How To Maintain Family Relationships To Stay Harmonious

Of  course having a harmonious family is everyone’s dream. But of course it is impossible in family relationships to have good relationships. inevitably there are times when we experience disputes and problems, be it to a husband or wife, children, father’s mother or other family members. usually problems or disputes can occur only because of trivial matters.

But as much as possible we must avoid this so that there is no debate or dispute in the family. If there is no dispute, there will be a harmony of a happy family. Even though this might be hard to do, if you pay attention to the correct ways of carrying out the relationship, disputes will not occur.

Ways to keep family relationships in harmony:

1. Maintain communication between families

One way to make family relations harmonious is to maintain good communication between families. Because this communication is very important, if there is no communication in the family a problem will arise. And this can trigger a dispute or debate.

So that as much as possible we must be able to maintain our communication well between families. Both in terms of work and anything, we must discuss it first with the family. So that everything is clear and there is no misunderstanding.

2. Open each other

An open attitude will also make family relations harmonious. Sometimes we often hide something about our family, for example if we make a mistake or a problem occurs with us. But we are not open to our families and do not want to tell the truth.

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This attitude is an incorrect attitude. Because this can also lead to disputes and misunderstandings. If something happens to us or maybe there is a problem in us. It’s best to open and tell everything that happened. Because with your family you can get the right solution.

3. Husnudzon

Husnudzon is a prejudiced attitude towards everything. We must also have this attitude in our family relationships. Because with this attitude that will make our family relations run well and harmoniously.

Because with a prejudiced attitude will trigger the occurrence of emotion and eventually a fight will just happen. therefore avoid this in your family contact. be huznudzon so that your family relations can run well and harmoniously.

4.Frequent gathering

Don’t bust each of us with other activities, but try to leave time together with your family by gathering together. With this condition, harmonious family relations will be established. Because with this incident, we can exchange thoughts, joke, and laugh together

5.Shared vacation

Sometimes we also need a holiday. But of course to do this activity we do not do it alone, but we must invite our family too. Invite all families to take a vacation. This activity will make the feeling of being happy and the mind becomes happy.

6.Submitting each other When we are at odds with both our brothers and our parents, then as much as possible we are willing to yield. Losing does not mean we lose, so don’t assume that if you lose, you will lose. In fact, giving in is a good start in improving relationships Therefore make it a habit to succumb to circumstances when you are at loggerheads, never assume that giving up means losing. Because for the sake of achieving harmony in the family, sometimes we have to lower our ego.

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