Prohibitions While in the Cemetery

Of course we must have done something called pilgrimage. We either make a pilgrimage for our relatives or other family members or friends. The purpose of each pilgrimage is different, there are those who think of it as the last tribute and there is also the last meeting of the deceased and so forth.

Whatever the underlying reason for our pilgrimage is because of our good intentions towards the dead. But in this case we should not continue to commit various violations, which Allah has affirmed in the verse. Without realizing it, we often commit violations that are prohibited without our knowledge.

To avoid this, you really need to know about any restrictions that should not be done while in a burial place.

Prohibitions during being buried are:

1. Pray to other than God

The first prohibition that we must stay away from is when praying, it must be for God. All forms of worship can only be done on God, including praying, and should not be done except god. Both angels and prophets.

From here we can know what the mistakes of the pilgrims who are buried in burial are with the intention to ask for sustained sustenance, immediately get a mate, get a baby and so forth.

We must avoid this because this is wrong. If we ask for this when we are on a pilgrimage, especially if their intention is actually due to god. Of course this is very blamed because if our intention is because of God then it must be done the right way.

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2. Slaughter in a burial place

The prohibition that we must avoid while buried is by not slaughtering in the cemetery. Even if we know that the act is very contrary to the Shari’ah even though the intention is because of god, especially if for the residents of the cemetery. If slaughter is carried out on the residents of the cemetery, then this includes shirk. For that we must avoid these actions, because it is very contrary to the Shari’a and is a shirk if it is done on the residents of the tomb.

3.Make the grave of a place of celebration

The usual celebration is a celebration of haul or celebration for the death of guardians and clerics. And usually to commemorate their deaths, there are often celebrations in their burial. Though this is not included in the teachings of Islam and even contrary to Islam.

The Messenger of god alone spawned his grave as a place of celebration, haul or place of visitation. Then what about other places, of course it is not allowed.

4. Elevate and build graves

We have encountered so many graves that were built so luxuriously, and we even find that there are better and more luxurious tombs than the mosque next to it made of wood. Even if we want to study the matter of religion, then we find many hadith which show the prohibition on building burials on graves.

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